Syllabus code-breaker

How to read the codes in the syllabus

AIA 01.01

The three first letters stand for the subject.
The two next figures stand for the course number.
The two last figures stand for the number of the group.
The letter combination on the second line is the initials of the teacher.

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The codes for the subjects
AIA=Finnish and literature,
ATK= computer studies,
BIE=biology, instruction in English,
ENA= English as a foreign language,
ENE= English, advanced,
ELA= ethics,
ESD= Spanish, beginner's level
FYS= physics,
FYE= physics, instruction in English
FIL= philosophy,
GEO= geography,
GEE= Geography, instruction in English
HIS= history,
HIE= history, instruction in English,
TEA= drama,
KEM= chemistry,
KUV= arts,
KUE= arts, instruction in English,
MAA= mathematics, advanced level,
MAB= mathematics,
MAE= mathematics in English,
MUS= music,
MUE= music, instruction in English
OPO= student counselling,
PSY= psychology,
PSE= psychology, instruction in English,
RAA= French, advanced,
RAC= French, intermediate,
RAD= French, beginners' level,
RUA= Swedish, advanced,
RUB= Swedish, intermediate,
SAA= German, advanced,
SAC= German, intermediate,
SAD= German, beginners' level,
TER= Hygiene,
TEE= hygiene, instruction in English
THI=thinking skills, instruction in English,
USE= religion,
VEC= Russian, intermediate,
VED= Russian, beginners' level