The school nurse’s office is located in the basement at the south end of the old part of the building.

Reception: 9.15-10 am and 12.15-1 pm daily. Emergencies will be attended to immediately.

Health checks: during the freshman year (1st year) students will get their appointment times by sms. Check info-screens for which class is having appointments. NB! Exchange students aren’t automatically called in for health checks.

Health reports: they will be transferred to this school upon your request by your previous school nurse.

In case you fall ill, get your guardian’s signature as an approval of your absence in a separate book provided. Should you fall ill in the middle of the day, you will get the approval from your school nurse.

School doctor: available on Thursdays and every other Monday. Appointments will be given by your school nurse.

Dental care: appointments by phone (425 5425) from Hammashoitola.

Accident insurance: you’re covered for accidents on your way to and fro school and during your school days. Should you have an accident, contact the school office to report it and fill in the necessary forms. The costs will be covered based on incurred expenses. Receipts will be needed.

First-aid kits are located in the school nurse’s office and in the school office.

Your own medication: Have it with you daily as the school nurse isn’t always present and there is no prescription medication available at school, only painkillers.

Diabetes, epilepsy other similar conditions: Tell all your teachers about your condition as they will not know about it otherwise. It’s important that the teacher knows how to help.