Study in English

We offer a secondary school programme titled Engees-studies. It is a collection of courses following the Finnish national curriculum but whose language of instruction is English. All students will take the national Finnish examination known as the matriculation examination even though enrol in Engees-line and study content in English.

Who are they for?
For those who want to study contents in English and whose secondary school leaving grade in English language is at least 8.

Why study in English?
Your language skills will be significantly improved. In your further studies you will most likely need advanced skills in English.

Tick the box 'Engees-line' in the option form. If there are more than 25 applicants, they will be chosen based on an interview.

How is it organised?
You will have two blocks of Engees-courses in each term throughout the whole academic year. At the beginning the teachers will use Finnish textbooks even though the language of communication and instruction is English. Emphasis is on enhancing your oral language skills. You may also choose other available CLIL-course in the course form. Engees-courses will replace the corresponding courses in Finnish as the content is similar.
Advanced Mathematics and Physics will be on different blocks to Engees-courses allowing you to enrol in those courses.

The contents of the Engees-line during the first year?
ENE1-3 (English), MAE3 (Mathematics), TEE1 (Health Education), HIE1 (History), PSE1 (Psychology), FIE1 (Philosophy), BIE1-2 (Biology), GEE1 (Geography), KUE1 (Visual Arts), KEE1 (Chemistry) and GEE1 (Geography).

You may also choose courses in Business Studies, Visual Arts, Biology and Social Studies.

If there’s a problem?
If a student finds Engees studies too challenging, they can opt out and enrol to ordinary classes.

Priority for Finland-Holland and Naturally London -projects.

Second year
The second academic year includes the following courses: ene4-6 and 8, fie2, hie3, gee2, bie2 or 3, mae5 and you may also take part in the globalization project in the sixth term or take courses in Business Studies.

Additional exams
You may take AS and A Level examinations in different subjects and get an AICE Diploma. These examinations should be considered as an addition to the national matriculation examination even though AS level, and especially A level examinations, are widely recognised by colleges and universities home and abroad.